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GAT+ Calendar Audit and Management panel, allows a great overview of all calendars in your Google domain. 

All calendars of your domain are displayed. On the one click table on top you will see:

  • The total number of calendars
  • Number of external calendars
  • Number of domain calendars
  • Number of imported calendars
  • Number of private calendars

Below, you can see the Calendars of all the users, with details such as owner’s, readers, tags, events(you can click on the number to see the events), free/busy readers. 

On the right hand side you can perform an Actions on the Calendars. 

Selecting the ‘pen’ icon is allowing the Admin to ‘Modify permissions’ for the selected  calendar.

Admins can add new Owner, Writer, Reader or Free/Busy readers by adding the User in the field and clicking on ‘Add’ button, then ‘Save’.

In the Owner tab an admin can add a user which will become in a second owner, for the calendar. The added Owner, can be removed. 

Note: The original owner of the calendar cannot be removed.

Admin can add – Writers, Readers and Free/Busy readers using the same method.

All the added users to the calendar can be removed by clicking the ‘bin’ icon on the right side.

Select ‘Save’ button and all changes, Adding or removing users will be added or removed from the selected Calendar. 

Show calendar events button will open a new window with all the events for the selected calendar.  

The Calendar events for the selected user shows the Past and Future events for the selected user. All the details for the calendar are displayed such as Summary, Start(time), Duration of the event, Period (Future/Past), Created, Updated, Creator, Local and External attendees, Status (confirmed or canceled) and also an Actions tab.

On the top left, select Past or Future events, will load a new window according to the selected field. 

Past events:

Future events:

Under the actions tab, we can perform actions on the future and past events.

  • Delete an event or all recurring events
  • Delete particular attendees or an event or for all occurrences of that recurring event

Select ‘eye’ icon under the Action tab will show all the details for the selected calendar.