2 Factor Authentication is an important component of all cloud-based security, however, it is a one-off security event at login.

ActiveID from GAT Labs continuously monitors the typing style of each user, actively verifying that the user behind the keyboard is in fact the user who is  logged in. If an impostor is detected, a whole range of remedial actions can be taken, from alerting an Admin or Security Officer with a camera shot of the ‘impostor’ to shutting down the session and logging out the user.

Effortless deployment

ActiveID is not only smart in how it catches impostors, it is also smart in how it learns. No special user training is involved.

Simply install GAT Shield with ActiveID and it will instantly start learning who each user is, building a unique mathematical model for each user and using AI to process the live typing stream data, while both monitoring and learning at the same time.

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ActiveID has a very low false-positive rate (making it ideal for large domains) and is almost perfect in catching an impostor after just 200 characters of typing.

It  not  only covers G Suite, but also any site your users visit while authenticated against Google G Suite in their Chrome browser (requires Google Cloud Protect to ensure Chrome is used and Shield is deployed).


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