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The Google Drive may contain a shared folder or folder tree which occasionally has new files added or existing files changed. Using GAT it is possible for an Admin to set up a daily job which will report on the new or changed files to a list of recipients.

In the Drive Audit are of GAT, first find all files changed since yesterday.

Clear the search and next find the folder you want to monitor


And expand the folder tree by clicking on +> after the folder name. (-> expands one level, +> expands all levels.

Now select the Drive Audit tab labeled ‘Recent Filters’ and combine the last two searches with the ‘AND’ operator and click ‘Show’.

This shows all the files in the folder tree that changed since yesterday. It may or may not have results. The important thing is the combined search string.

Next click on ‘Schedule/Save’, this will take you through to the scheduler.

Here you can set the job up to run every day after midnight, have the report listing the changed files in PDF format (or CSV, the CSV will have a list of the changed document URLs).  

You can add a list of internal and external recipients who will get the report. GAT will automatically move the date forward by a day each time it runs the scan, in this way only what is changed in the last 24 hours will be reported. 

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