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In this post, we’ll be covering file management using GAT Unlock.

Navigate to Drive Audit in GAT+.

Using the panel on the right side of the screen, click on “Apply custom filter”.


In this example, we will find all video files owned by members of a group and are shared outside of your domain.

  • Select the Type and choose ‘User/Group/OU /Search.
  • Select the Local User/Group – add a group (marketing in this case)
  • Ownership select it as Owned
  • Under Definition add two rules
    • Sharing Flags contains Shared out
    • Type equal Video
  • Click the ‘Apply‘ button to proceed with the search.


When the search is completed the results will be displayed. We can manage the results by selecting files individually or in a bulk (check-mark beside Title).


The sharing permissions can be removed directly from this view.

Click on the File operations button then select File management to perform more actions.

This will open a new window where we can change ownership of the videos, add, remove or replace sharing permissions.


In this example, we will add Joe as a user from my domain as the new owner of the selected files.

We will also remove the external access to the videos.

Once we are ready with the changes we want to perform click on Send request


The security officer will receive an email with the approval request. The request can be approved or denied.

When the request is approved the action will take effect and the selected video files will have a new owner Joe and all the external shares will be removed.