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In this post, we’ll be covering file management using GAT Unlock.

Here is a video tutorial about the topic

Navigate to Drive Audit in GAT+. Using the panel on the left side of the screen, click on “Apply custom filter”.

In this example, we’ll be finding all video files owned by my marketing group being shared out of my domain.

  • Start by selecting to type and choosing ‘User/Group/OU /Search.
    We’ll fill in the email for my group and make sure to check ‘owned only’ In the definition section, we’ll add two rules.
  • One with a sharing flag set to ‘shared out’ and another that will look for file type which I’ve set to ‘video’ these two rules will work together to look for video files which are being shared out of my domain.
  • Click the ‘Apply’ button to proceed with the search.

  • Now that I have my results, I can begin managing them by selecting whatever files you wish to manage.
  • Selecting the box at the top will select all the files in the search.
  • By clicking the adjacent file operation button you will see a drop-down menu.
  • Here you can select file management.

In this example, we are removing external access to the videos and making Joe the owner of all the files. We’ll make sure to check both to ‘remove all external editors and external reader’ boxes. Now we can send my request to my security officer.

Your security officer is another member of your organisation or school that has been given the responsibility of approving or denying an ominous request to change file permissions.
Upon sending a request, the security officer will receive an email detailing two changes and will be given the choice to approve or deny your request.
If the security officer approves your request the action will be executed and you will be notified if the request is denied you will be notified and there will be no action taken.