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Automatically block certain Sites during specific times of the day.

For example, you can block Facebook between the hours of 9 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.

This feature is very flexible. It allows you to create a list of sites that automatically become blocked at certain times.

It’s totally customizable and you can add multiple sites to this blocklist.

You can also choose to block all sites (A special pre-made category within Site Access Control) but sites covered in your ‘Allowlist’ list will of course still be accessible by users. 

To get started

  1. Navigate to Site Access Control in the GAT Shield console. 

    GAT Shield: Automatically Block URL Sites | Site Control 1
  2. Then click on “Add a Site Access Category”, select a Block list type. 

    GAT Shield: Automatically Block URL Sites | Site Control 2
  3. When the Block list is defined, click Save.
  4. Now this Block list will appear on the left-hand side below the heading Site Access Categories.
  5. To activate the Block list rule we have to move it to Active Site Access rules (Right-hand side) area. "User defined site access categories" tab
  6. Click the arrow next to the listed Block list which in our case will cover facebook.com. A new window will appear:
  7. Enter the following configuration:
    1. We select the scope-users we want to be covered by this Block list
    2. (Optional) Redirect users when they’ve been blocked to another website (Using the “Redirect” field)
    3. (Optional) Show a custom warning message which appears above the website being viewed. The pop-up message will completely cover the current website.
    4. Setup a Time restriction if there is no time restriction (these sites will be blocked while the rule is active).
      The rule will not be active outside the setup time-range. GAT Shield: Automatically Block URL Sites | Site Control 3



Editing existing Block lists

An admin can modify the rules applied and add new sites to the list by selecting the ‘Pen’ icon under the action bar in the User-defined Site Access Categories area. You can add multiple sites to your Block list while the Block list is active.

"user defined site access categories" action bar.


Here’s how to block whole categories of websites with GAT Shield.




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