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GAT Shield allows an admin to block a user from any web access and allow them to use only specific sites to be accessed.

First, we block all site URLs for the users by activating a special category that represents all URLs

  1. GAT Shield – Configuration – Site access control
  2. Under System defined Site Access categories 
  3. Find the Site category – All – A special category that represents all URLs  
  4. Click on the arrow under the action tab, to activate the rule.
  5. This will prompt another window where you can select the scope to which user all URLs to be blocked.
  6. Select Save to activate the rule.
  7. The rule will be moved into Active Site Access rules
  8. For the scope of the selected users, all URLs will be blocked.

Now to whitelist and set up the Only pages the user can open.

  1. To do so: Open Site Access control – select  Add a Site Access category

  2.  Fill in the details, choose and add Site category and description of the rule then add the sites and set the type to Whitelist.
  3.  Click on Save.
  4. Once it is saved, you can click on the Arrow to activate the rule.
  5. When the arrow is selected it will prompt a new window where you can set up the scope and time restrictions if you will.

    Set up the Site Access action to Allow and choose the scope

  6. Click on Save and the rule will be moved to Active Site Access rules

  7. This Whitelist will take precedence over the blacklist.

    This means that the Blacklist rule will block all URLs, but since we have a Whitelist with two pages allowed, they will be allowed and can be opened.

The first blacklist we created above – will restrict any web page to be opened, and instead will be blocked as below.

The pages we added in the Whitelist will be allowed and they can be open.

For more examples: How to automatically block and approve websites visit this page