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Google has introduced a new messaging feature inside of Youtube. This creates a lot of headaches for school districts who have disabled Google Meet and Hangouts chats in their school district through the G Suite Admin Console.

Now, students have an alternative way to chat between themselves through Youtube.

How does it work?

Students can generate a unique link to connect to other users, they share this link through other means. Once other students click on the link and accept the invitation then they can begin chatting.

Blocking Youtube messaging for Students or Any users you would like to block using this feature. Follow the instructions below.

In GAT Shield Configuration area enter the YouTube Message Access section.

To activate this feature check the box for Block Youtube Message Channel.
Now, decide which students will have this rule applied to them. For the scope selection, you can choose Users, members of Google Groups, or Org Units.
In this case above we block YouTube chat for all users under /Students OU.

Click ‘Save’ and then within 10-15 min the rule will be applied to all selected users.

Expected Outcome for Students

Students will no longer see the Youtube Messaging Icon to begin a chat or to read existing chats.

Before the rule is applied

After the rule is applied

Note: The messaging icon is no longer visible.