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GAT+ Shield – Sites Access control, Admins can block whole categories of websites that they deem are not suitable for their user base. In addition, Admins can create and edit custom categories which include exception sub-pages.

For example, you can block the Site domain but allow access to subdomains. So below we create an example of how this can be achieved. First, we create a rule to block the site.

GAT Shield's "new user defined sites access category"

Once the Site rule is created activate it by selecting the arrow and moving the rule to the Active Site Access rules

the "user defined site access categories" in GAT Shield

When we select the arrow we are prompted to a window to select the scope for this rule.

An admin can select time restrictions, leave a warning message to the users, select a scope (the scope can be Chrome device only) and save.

"new site access rule for 'block domain example' category.

The rule will be active and moved to Active Sites Access rules and users will be blocked from the pages you select.

"user defined site access categories" gat shield

The same way we can whitelist the subdomain page. All we have to do is choose the subdomain and add it as a whitelist. Select to +Add a Site Access Category and add a rule as a Whitelist and activate the same way as a blacklist.

GAT Shield's "edit 'allow sub-domain example' user defined site access category.

Once the Whitelist is applied and moved to Active Site Access rules it will take precedence over the Blacklist and allow the users to open the page, but they will be blocked on the pages from the Blacklist.

Here’s how to automatically block and approve URL sets with GAT Shield.

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