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Gmail Signature Bulk Management [Google Admins’ Guide]

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How to manage Google Workspace signature in your organization?

98% of people use their name in their email signatures, and only 62% of business owners intend to promote their brands through their employees’ email signatures. However, slightly more, 73%, create their branded email signature using generators.

Gmail has over 1,8 billion active users. Does your organization maximally use 10,000 characters that can be included in each employee’s email signature?

You can support this potential marketing and agile onboarding tool that is Google Workspace signatures by automating their management. Read on, Google admin!


1. Add Google Workspace Signatures for All Users in Bulk

What if you’re a Google admin and need to add a signature to EVERY user in your domain? Seems like lots of work, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry, setting up a Gmail signature for your entire organization isn’t so complicated – if you know where to start working. Because Google Workspace has a signature feature, you don’t need any external tool besides the Admin console to add a personalized signature to Gmail for all users. This can be used for promotional purposes, complying with legal requirements or as a simple signature.

You can set a default organization-wide email signature. Since then, all users will have added a text footer under every email they sent. You can also enable users to add an image, i.e. their profile picture, from a URL, computer or Drive to their signature.

In this way, changing any user’s Gmail signature if necessary shouldn’t be a problem for you, Google admin.

But here is where another question arises:

What if your organization is large and has many users (and different signatures) in the domain that need to be managed? How to keep the signatures of multiple users under control? 

Let’s check this out in the next paragraph.


2. Manage Bulk Google Workspace Signature for Multiple Users

Imagine your domain has 2K users and after your organization structure reorganization, you need to change the email signatures of all employees. The 68 employees will no longer be part of the Sales Department, but the Sales Team and the 223-people Engineer Department will be called the Development Team.

 Manually changing their email signatures seems a bit overwhelming, right?

If you’re wondering if there is a tool that could set the signature for everyone automatically, here I have the answer for you.


  • Change Gmail Signatures for Existing Users

How can you manage so many signatures in Gmail? After a reorganization, massive promotions, or your organization name or address change, you don’t have to endlessly beg your users to change their email signatures themselves.

It’s time to set up an automated workflow that will do it for them. 

You can bulk edit Gmail signatures for a group of users using GAT Flow. This Google Workspace management tool lets you create a personalized workflow to edit the signatures for a defined group of users. You can change a long list of custom attribute variables such as:

  • User full name
  • Job title 
  • Department 
  • Work address 
  • Work phone 
  • Manager 

Click here to see a detailed example of a workflow that automatically adds the titles of the users as they want to be addressed (i.e. Mrs., Mr.) to their Gmail signatures.

In addition, there are available other signature details that a Google admin can change for all users in one workflow:

  • Company image
  • Use user photo
  • Company color
  • Use user photo
  • Social media links


  • Set Up Gmail Signatures for New Users

Similarly, a Google admin can welcome new employees to the organization domain without wasting too much time. The automatic workflow previously set up in GAT Flow will streamline the mass onboarding of new Google Workspace users. It will set signatures for them in the same style as the rest of the team and let other employees quickly identify new colleagues.

In addition, to get to know a new team member better, a Google admin can send the team the new user’s signature as an email.

Setting up a Gmail signature for new users can be one of the tasks in the action set in the automated onboarding workflow you run for each new user.


Do you agree that now the massive user email signature management seems a much friendlier admin task?

SEE our blog post with the complete Google Workspace Admin checklist for onboarding a new user.


3. Add a Single Gmail Signature

Changing a Gmail signature for a single user (or for you, if it’s what you’re looking for) is significantly easier than bulk managing email signatures for an entire Google Workspace domain.


How do I create a Gmail signature for a single user?


Step 1.

On Gmail go to Settings and click on the See all settings button. 

Step 1. See all settings

Step 2.

On the General tab, scroll to the Signature section. 

Add a new signature for your account by clicking + Create new

Name the new signature, insert its details and format it.

In Signature defaults, you can choose where you want your signature to appear – for new email use or/and on reply/forward use.

Step 2. Add your new signature

Note: You can have multiple signatures for one Gmail account if you wish.


Step 3.

Don’t forget to save your signature. Scroll to the bottom of the page to click Save Changes.

Step 3. Save changes


Final Thoughts

The email signature is a kind of business card in digital communication. Every organization should ensure that its employees have an updated Google Workspace signature. Effective email signature management for all users will benefit your business in the long term. 

Google and third-party applications such as GAT Flow help admins with this duty. In addition, with the GAT tool, you will take Google Workspace user onboarding automation to the next level.

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