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We can now simply remove photos from users account by following a couple of steps, allowing us to remove photos in bulk or individually for a user.

GAT+: Bulk Remove Google Profile Photos 1

Select the set of users whose photos you wish to purge (group, OU, etc.)

Extract the users into a spreadsheet, remove the photo URL, then import back. You can do this individually for one user only or in a bulk for all the users you want to.

GAT+: Bulk Remove Google Profile Photos 2
GAT+: Bulk Remove Google Profile Photos 3

Super admin can just remove one or all URLs and upload with the changed Spreadsheet back in. Once this is done the photos will be removed.
An admin can change other fields for the Users, such as adding, editing, removing data for other fields, for the changes to occur the super admin must import the spreadsheet back in and verify the changes.

Note: Google API does not allow admins to add their own profile photo for users. Only removing profile photos is allowed.

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