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GAT+ allows admins to remove Calendar resources from a particular event.

If management wants you to clear a room of all scheduled meetings for the next week, you can remove all resources booked with those associated meetings.

Simply follow the below steps:

1.Open Calendars audit in GAT+


2. Select Calendar resources to see all resources set up in your domain.

3.Select any of the resources’ names and it will lead you to all Calendar events associated with the Calendar Resource.

4. In Calendar events, select the ‘eye‘ icon under the Actions, to view the resources assigned to the event.

5. A pop-up window will be displayed showing General – Conference data – Calendar resources tabs.

6. Click on the ‘bin’ icon to remove the resource from the selected Calendar event.

When you click on a particular trash icon for a resource ( the Executive Conference Room in this case), the event is updated, which in return (automatically done by Google behind the scenes) frees up the calendar resource at the start time of this event.