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GAT+ and GAT Unlock now lets Admins change the Owners, Readers, Writers and other attributes of calendars, simply searching for the user and modifying the calendar permissions they have access to. This is particularly useful for departing user management.

Start of by searching for the user, click on “Apply custom filter”.

When the calendar filter menu appears, select the search operator you wish, in my example, I’ve selected “Primary User” contains user_x@mycorp.com. This will display user_x’s primary Google calendar.

Other types of search operators such as owners, writers, and readers are available as well.

Once the user’s calendar appears, click on the “Modify Permissions” button under action tab to begin modifying.

For primary Google Calendars, you are not able to remove the original calendar ownership but you are able to add additional users as additional owners.

For secondary calendars and other non-primary calendars, you can completely remove and replace the original ownership.

You can also add Writers, Readers and Free/busy readers to a users calendar.

Writers – Provides read and write access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with write access, and event details will be visible.

Readers – Provides read access to the calendar. Private events will appear to users with reader access, but event details will be hidden.

Free/busy readers – Provides read access to free/busy information.