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With the powerful auditing functionalities of GAT+, G Suite Super Admins can create and update their Google Classrooms across their school district without difficulty. Before we start make sure you have enabled Classroom APIs.

Steps to create new Classrooms

1. Enter the Classroom Audit area.

2. Click on the Export data button which on the right-hand side of the page to export a Google Spreadsheet of all of the existing classrooms or you can use the Apply custom filter (funnel icon) button to filter for specific classrooms.

3. When the exported Spreadsheet appears, enter it, find an empty row at the bottom of the existing data and then fill in the following fields:


  • Name (Name of Google Classroom) – Mandatory Field
  • Created By (Usually email of teacher) – Mandatory Field
    • You must enter only one email address in the Created By field.

Optional Fields:

  • Short Description
  • Join Code
  • Section
  • Room
  • Aliases
  • Teachers (separate emails with a comma)
  • Students (separate emails with a comma)

DO NOT modify any of the RED colored background fields in the spreadsheet. Fields in GREEN background can be edited

  • Course_ID (when creating new classrooms, keep ID blank, if a classroom already has an ID do not modify it.) This field is handled automatically by GAT+.
  • It’s not necessary to create or modify the Created (date field). This field is handled automatically by GAT+.

4. Once you have finished filling in the information for the new classroom close the Spreadsheet tab.

5. Now import the spreadsheet by clicking the Import data button.

6. Once you have selected the correct Google Spreadsheet from the list, it will show you a preview of what actions will be performed. In the below example you can see the type of import is a CREATE action which means a new classroom will be created.

7. After you are happy with these details click on the Accept button. Once the operation is carried out you should see a message stating whether the operation was successful. The dialog box will appear at the top right corner of the screen.

Steps to update existing Classrooms

1. Apply a custom filter (funnel icon) and search for the classrooms you want to take action on.

2. Use the Search Operators provided to narrow down or limit the classrooms returned. In the below screenshot I’m searching for ARCHIVED classrooms created after January 1st 2019.

3. After applying the filter, export the results to the Google Spreadsheet:

4. When the Spreadsheet is produced, click to view it.

5.  In the below example, I edited the NAME of one classroom and made it ACTIVE.

DO NOT modify or edit the fields in RED, Fields with the Green background can be edited

  • Course_ID (when updating a classroom, keep the ID as it is) This field is handled automatically by GAT+.
  • Created (date field). This field is handled automatically by GAT+.

6. Once you have made the desired changes, close the spreadsheet tab and click on the Import data button and select the spreadsheet you were working on.

8. Confirm the before and after changes. Then click on the Accept button. It might take some time for the changes to be carried out. (depends on the volume of data)

Reasons to update Google Classrooms

  • At the end of the school year, you can ARCHIVE classrooms which are not going to be in use next year so to avoid confusing students.
  • Maybe the Description, Room, Enrolment Code, Student email addresses have to be modified because they were set up incorrectly by the teacher or classroom creator.
  • A teacher is out sick or on temporary leave and you need to add the new teacher to the Google Classroom.

Steps to delete existing Classrooms

1.The steps to deleting a classroom are very similar to updating classrooms. The only change you need to make is with the STATE field. Change the STATE field from ACTIVE/ARCHIVED to DELETED.

2. Make sure to close the spreadsheet down and then click on the Import data button.

3. Select the Spreadsheet you were working on and confirm the changes by click on the Accept button.

Important Information about the Google Classroom States

When a classroom is Archived it is still available in a specific section of the Google Classroom website.

An archived classroom can be always restored. But if you delete a classroom it will be permanently removed.