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With GAT+ Super Admins or Delegated Auditors can give user access into another user’s Gmail account for a specified period of time after which the delegation is automatically removed. This may be for business purposes but it is also to facilitate the fast search and viewing of all the account emails via another user’s browser.

Reasons for delegating access to users Gmail

  • To audit/remediate an incident
  • Email delegation is a better way to gain access rather than resetting users password to gain access
  • If a user has forgotten to set up their auto-reply when they are on leave or on holidays
  • To create or modify a user’s email signature

Note: Please ensure email delegation is allowed for users in your domain.

Go to the Google Admin Console and select ‘Apps’ – ‘G Suite Apps’ – ‘Settings for Gmail‘ – ‘User Settings‘ check if the Mail Delegation box is ticked off and allowed for your domain.

Now launch GAT+ and enter the User Audit section.

Click on the Email Info tab.
Search for the user whose Gmail account will be delegated to someone else, click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Add e-mail delegation’.

When the menu appears, enter the user who will gain access. Then enter the number of hours for which this delegation to be valid. When the time expires the delegation will be removed automatically.

The request will be sent to your security officer for approval, once approved the delegation will be set.

The delegated account appears in the accounts drop-down list in the user’s own Gmail account. This can take several minutes and may require a refresh. The user accessing the delegated account will have to log out and log back in again for the delegated account to appear.

Note: If during the period of the delegation, the user of the account under audit logs into their Google account and goes to their email settings, then under ‘Accounts and import’ the account owner will see that the Admin has granted delegated access to the account.

In addition, if the delegated user reads any unopened email in the audit account, this email will be marked as ‘read’.

You can read more about G Suite Audit delegation here.