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With GAT+ G Suite Super Admins and G Suite Delegated Auditors can give user access into another user’s Gmail account indefinitely.

By default Admins could delegate for any number of hours and GAT+ would automatically remove the delegation when the time set is up. This saves Admins having to remember to go back and remove it manually). Now, by using 0 hours, Admins have the option to delegate permanently.

Launch GAT+ and enter the User Audit section.


Select the Email Info tab. Search for the user whose Gmail account will be delegated to someone else. On the selected user click on the drop-down menu and select ‘Add e-mail delegation’.


A menu appears, enter the user who will gain access. Enter the number of hours for the delegation to be active. Enter 0 for an indefinite time period.


A request will be sent to your security officer for approval, once approved the delegation will be set.

The delegated account appears in the accounts drop-down list in the user’s own Gmail account.

This can take several minutes and may require to refresh your Gmail. Selecting the ‘Delegated’ account will open a new tab in your Chrome browser with the new account.


In addition, if the delegated user reads any unopened email in the audited account, this email will be marked as ‘read’.

Note: When an email is sent from the ‘Delegated’ account – Gmail will place a message from what user the email was sent from.

You can read more about G Suite Audit delegation here.