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There are multiple reasons to have the ability to identify and remove emails which have been received by all or any of your domain users. Here are some unwanted scenarios:


  • An email is sent to the wrong user or group
  • An email contains inappropriate content
  • An email that contains sensitive information
  • An email that has gone pass spam filtering or is a phishing email.


GAT+ allows Admins to delete these emails from all accounts at once.



We recommend using ‘Email Content Search’ for tracking down these emails. It is a ‘real-time’ search that is highly configurable (see ‘search tips’ link beside the search box). In the screenshot above we use the example search parameters


“SEO proposal” in:anywhere newer_than:90d


This tells GAT+ to search in all emails, for all users and look for emails that contain the words “SEO proposal” which are also newer than 90 days. When the results come back to select the emails you wish to view/download/delete then click the “Email operations” button and select “Access permissions granted”.



When do search if the result cannot be displayed in a timely manner, the search goes into Background search.
You can access those searches by selecting ‘Previous searches‘. All older or background searches will be displayed there.
Once completed, under the ‘Actions’ tab select the green checkmark to display the results.



Once the emails are selected, click on the ‘Access permissions granted’ button and send a request to your SO (security officer). Your SO will have to approve your request. 



Before sending the request if you intend to delete the emails rather than just view or download them then check the ‘Request permission to remove’ box.



As an option, you can send a message to the Security officer giving a reason for the investigation.
After performing those steps please select and click ‘send request’ and wait for approval to be returned from the Security Officer. 
You can check all the requests to the SO in the “Security officer” section in GAT+.
Note: You can not self-approve the request, only the Security officer account can approve.



Once your request has been approved, you will receive an email notification stating that.



Remember to refresh the list within the ‘Access permissions granted’ and click on the ‘Activate grant’ to display just your selected emails. 

Note: While you wait for approval from the Security officer, you might use the tool for other searches, When you come back to “Email Content Search” simply select “Previous searches” select your search and the “Email operations” button will be displayed again.



You can then delete one or all of the emails using the drop-down option in the Emails Operation button. 



By default, you can send the emails to the user’s Trash folder on their Gmail but if you wish to permanently delete these emails then select ‘Delete permanently’.