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GAT+ is allowing Admins to export their entire Chromebook asset collection directly to Asset Tiger format (see assettiger.com). Asset Tiger is one of the leading cloud-based asset management packages available and best of all it is free (they sell you tags if you want to buy them).
This feature is going to be really useful to Admins that have large Chromebook and Chromebox deployments. GAT+ will automatically learn all the details, including ID, serial number, brand, description, etc.
If you have GAT Shield it will also add every device’s last used geo-location. All of this is now ready for straight upload direct to Asset Tiger.
You can even add additional detail like cost. Run a report anytime to get the exact location and status of your deployed assets. Admins now just need to enroll their Chrome devices on G Suite and have GAT+ do all of the ID and serial number pulling to drop right into the asset database. Better still GAT+ can refresh at any time, keeping your Chrome asset knowledge up to date as the devices move through their life cycle.

Export your Entire Chromebook Asset Collection Directly to Asset Tiger 1


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