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To find and list the files being shared outside of your domain in a report, make your way to drive audit in GAT+.

Here you will need to apply a filter.

GAT+: File Exposure Report: Find Folders/Documents in Google Drive Shared Outside the Organisation 1

You should add two new rules, one with a sharing flag set to ‘Shared out’ and the other with the ‘Updated’ flag set after or equal to one day before present (If it is August 1st, use July 31st as the date.)

Make sure to click the scheduled checkmark and also select “Every day – after midnight.”

Then select the Enabled button.

In the Recipients section, add the users who will be receiving these reports.

Make sure to give your filter an appropriate name and then select “Apply and Schedule” at the bottom.

Once that’s done navigate to the Scheduled Reports section of GAT+

This section will allow you to apply an action to your newly made reports.

Here you can find and highlight your report and then select the “Job Schedule Edit” button.

Make sure to select ‘Enabled’ and checkmark Report only.

In the action list you can select what kind of action you would like to take place, in this example I’ll select Remove all external shares. This means that if the report finds any external shares it will automatically remove them, and using the Notify local users area I can choose who will get notified and the Message they will receive.

{{FILES}} In the message box will list the files that were reported.

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