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You can find files that contain specific texts. You can also find text inside images and videos, this is done through Google’s Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. When using Content Text Search the terms you type will be searched for in the title, description, comments, and content of the files.

When searching the case sensitivity of the words is not important. Regardless of whether I’m searching for SECURITY or seCURITY any file that contains security would be returned.

Steps to using Full Content Search.

1. Go to Drive audit Files tab.

2. Click on Custom Apply filter button.

3. Change the type of filter to Full Content Search.

4. In the Query box, enter the text you want to search. If you type more than one word the files that are returned must contain both those words.

5 . (Optional) You can speed up the search by confining it, search through a single user or members of a Google Group or specifying an Org. Unit.

6 . (Optional) In the Search Definition area, you can specify additional parameters to make the search even faster.

7. Apply the Search.

8. All files that contain the text I typed were successfully returned.

9.  Pro Tip – When typing words into the Query box, you can use a hyphen ( – ) to ignore files that contain certain words. For example, I have two files one contains the text “Complacency” and the other one contains the texts “Complacency and Fungible”.

10. In the Query box, I typed -fungible to ignore any file that contains that word.

11. The results as expected and only one file is returned that contains only “Complacency” and not “Fungible”.

In Conclusion, the Full Content Search is a very powerful feature to help G Suite Super Admins search through files using specific words.