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G Suite allows you to share files to all users in the domain is one of two fashions. A file can be shared so that anyone on the domain can find and view the file or a file can be shared so that only those with the link can find and view the file.

GAT list both these sharing methods as different descriptors.  In the screenshot above you will see examples of files shared to Public (Open to full Public)  and Public (Open to Public with a link)

To find the complete list of files in each category simply click in the descriptor for the category you are interested in.

This will bring you a list of files which are Open to full Public –

This will bring all files which are Open to Public with a link.

Once you select on the options “Open to full Public” or “Open to full Public with link” or any other field from the summary table the result will be displayed below.
Admin can apply a custom filter on each result and perform bigger in-depth search including the “Sharing flags” for each file.