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While it is essential to have a global audit for Drive, Emails, G+, etc giving you the big picture view for audits in those areas, GAT also recognizes that you need to see the Organizational, Group or User view.

The ‘Users’ audit gives you the ability to filter by user status and then see a whole range of important characteristics associated with the selected user(s).

The ‘Basic’ tab will display all the users with general information such as name, aliases, groups and org.unit they are member of, if admin or not, and last login info.

The ‘Drive’ tab will provide info for the particular user in regards to drive. Note:  stats are for all drive files from perspective of the user, to what type and how many files they have access to.

Drive productivity’ is giving stats for the user based of files Owned by the user.

File types’ again is based on the owned files, shows the make of all the owned files, what type of files they are.

Picking any user, you can see for example their total ‘Quota’ and how much is used, how much by docs and how much by email.

Security’ tab you can check if 2FA is enabled, last time the user login, las negative login and so on.

Applications’, ‘Calendars’, ‘Printers’, ‘Devices’ – will display information for each section respectively from the selected user perspective.

Email Info’ will provide information regarding the email of the user, such as Forwarding, Email delegates, Number of Filters, and Total messages.

Email info’ is also where using ‘Unlock’ function where you can add email delegation, by selecting the arrow under ‘Action’ subtab – Add email delegation.