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Google Cloud Print Auditing

Using GAT+ it’s possible as an  Admin to audit your domain’s cloud print environment.

From the ‘Home Page’, selecting ‘Printers’ will take you to the printer queue audits.

GAT+: Google Cloud Print Auditing 1

Once  there you have the usual wide range of GAT search selection criteria

GAT+: Google Cloud Print Auditing 2

GAT lets you search under a wide range of search options.

GAT+: Google Cloud Print Auditing 3

You can see all “Printer jobs”

Enter the Printer jobs tab to see all queued and completed prints, here you can view details of the print. For each print job, you will see the email of the user who initiated the print, date of the print job and the title of the file.

There is an option to remove the print job if it’s still in the print queue.

GAT+: Google Cloud Print Auditing 4

In User audit, Print tab you will see full details of the print jobs by your users summarized.

GAT+: Google Cloud Print Auditing 5

Here you can sort your users by details such as the number of jobs printed, printers they have access to, last time they printed, etc.

With GAT Google Cloud Print audit another important data leakage gap has been closed, information leaving the premises in hard copy. In-house printers are of course covered by local printer server management and audit software, but Cloud Print opened up a new avenue allowing direct printing to any chrome enabled PC with a printer. This printing was ‘off the radar’ until now.

Auditing Cloud Print also fills an important accounting need for educational organizations who have adopted Cloud Print widely. This will allow Admins to allocate costs appropriately.

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