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It is easy to manage your organization’s Google Contacts with GAT+. It is the only solution that provides G Suite Super Admins or delegated auditors with a centralized way to audit and make changes to any user’s Google contacts.

View Contacts

You can view all users and their contact list. The owner of the contact is the person who created it in their account. Usually from the contacts.google.com app/webpage.

In Contacts an Admin can request a fresh scan of the contact list, this will scan your users’ Contact lists to sync with existing contacts.

Create a Contact

An admin can create and add a new contact inside a user’s account. Click on the ‘+’ sign select the owner (user where the new contact will be added to). Then fill in the details of the new contact such as Name, Emails, Phones, Address. Click ‘Save’ the contact will be saved and added to the Owner.

Bulk Actions

Contacts can be Selected, Copied or Deleted in a simple bulk action. Just select the contacts you would like to copy or delete and click on the action.

If you select Copy contacts new window will be prompted where you can select the Destination user where the contact will be copied to.

Select ‘Confirm’ and the contact will be added to the ‘Destination user’ contact list.

If you select Delete contacts the contact and the ‘deleted’ flag will be set to ‘Yes’.

Search Options

You have the ability to search for contacts using a multitude of different ways. The easiest one is to search for the owner of the contacts, this will show you all of the contacts that the user has. Simply search for the Owner’s email address and click the Filter contacts button.

The results will show every single contact in the user’s Google Contacts list. Alternatively, you can search using the Apply Custom Filters button on the top right corner.

When the dialog box is presented, click the +Add rule button to keep adding additional search criteria to narrow down the results. When you’re done, click on Apply.

Action per single contact

Under the actions heading on each selected contact, you can ‘Delete, Copy contact or Download VCF. When you copy contact a new window will be displayed. Admin then select the “new owner” where the contact will be copied to then just click ‘Copy’ The contact will be copied into the new owner’s account.

Download action will download the file in a VCF format. You can also download in bulk all the contacts as VCF format.