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GAT+ and Unlock :
Allow an admin to view and download the content of a file from Google Drive.

For this functionality, you required to use the Access permission granted feature.

First, find the file you would like to access or download.

Open GAT+ Files (File content search)

Apply custom filter and search for the files you want to have access to, using the multiple different search parameters.

When the file you want to view or download is found, select the file by clicking on the check-mark beside the title of the file (1)

Then select the button above File operations (2)


Select the Access permissions granted button.

A new window will pop-up showing Current requests and New requests

Select New requests and choose time to Request access until. You can also leave a message to the Security officer why you need access to this file.


Once the details are filled in click on Send request

Email is sent to the Security officer with all the details where it can be approved, who requested it and the message from the admin.


The Security officer clicks on the request and it is automatically navigated to GAT+ where they can approve/deny the request.

When the Security officer approves the request, the Admin who requests the access will receive an email stating that their request has been approved.

To access the file:
Go to GAT+  open Drive and navigate to FIles.
Click on File operations button and select Access permissions granted

The pop-up window will be displayed again with the Current and New Requests fields.
Under the Current requests, you will see the Request you submitted.

Select the check-mark under the Apply grant field to Activate the grant
This will load the grant and all You to view the content of the file incognito or download the file.

A new filed will be displayed called Actions underneath that you can choose the action to Download or Show file.

Selecting Download will download the file into your device.
Selecting Show file will generate a carbon copy of the file and will be displayed to you.
It will not be the actual document itself, just a copy of it so the content can be viewed.

This method can be used to get access to any file from your domain Google drive.

You can do the same steps for File Content SearchHow to silently view files from your Google Drive.

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