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GAT+ displays the User folder structure for each user on your domain 

Selecting any folder name and clicking on it will show you Detailed view and File list 

First open  Drive audit, then navigate and select top bar to “Folders tree’.
Under your domain name (2) on left hand side, you can search for the user of your domain. Then select and open and expand My Drive (3) for the user, then you can navigate through the folder tree of the customers MyDrive.
Detailed view(4) will show you the details for the selected ‘Folder’. Here an Admin can see the detailed view of the Folder itself, when it was created, updated and owner. You can also view and explore the Sharing permissions.

File list will display a list of all files, in that particular folder showing ‘Owner’, ‘Readers’, ‘Editors’ and so on. (this list again can be exported)

In GAT+ Folder tree you can check My Drives for all users of your domain.

Shared drives will show all Shared(team) Drives in our domain.

External Folder will show all the External folders trees shared into your domain.