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Is GAT+ failing to run? Check these options in your Admin Console

Click the Apps Launcher on the top right corner of your Chrome session and click on the Admin Icon:

Grant Access to GAT+ 1

Enter the Apps section:

Grant Access to GAT+ 2



Then click on the G Suite Marketplace apps.

Grant Access to GAT+ 3


Click on the GAT+ app.

Grant Access to GAT+ 4



You will need to click on the text Grant access and the status should be Granted and make sure GAT+ is Enabled for all organizational units.

Grant Access to GAT+ 5


To enable Classroom auditing

In the Google Apps Admin console, select Apps, G Suite, Settings for Classroom and Data Access. Make sure the option Users can authorize apps to access their Google Classroom data is enabled.

Grant Access to GAT+ 6

If this is your first time running GAT, please check out our Initial Run Problems page


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