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This rule will show you how to find all the internal shares for an OU called students. After finding the shares it will then show you how to remove them on a scheduled basis.

  1. Launch GAT+
  2. Go to Drive audit.
  3. Apply the custom filter.
  4. Fill in the search parameters
    Select Type = User/Group/OU Search
    Org.  = /Students
    Ownership = Owned
    Definition = OR and add the Sharing flags = Open to external and Open to internal
  5. Click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom to see the result
  6. Set up as report by selecting ‘Scheduled‘ an extra field will be displayed below.

    Set up ‘Occurrence’ to Every day – after midnight (you can choose different times)
    Tick in the checkmark for ‘Enabled’.
    Click ‘Apply & Schedule’ and the report will be set.

  7. Access the report by going to Configuration – Scheduled reports. 

  8. Add a job to the particular report

    Select the ‘+‘ sign ‘Job action edit’ under the Actions tab on the right-hand side.
    Change the status to ‘Enabled‘, if you want only report select ‘Report only‘ option.
    Under Action, select Remove All Internal and External shares
    Click on ‘Save‘ and the rule will be saved.

This will apply the rule to the result of the daily report.
Every day when the report is generated, the action given will remove All internal and External shares for all the users in /Students OU.

Remember the example above is for an OU, but you can also repeat the above steps and just pick a Google group.