Block websites accessed via Google Translate

GAT Shield is one of GAT Labs’ family of tools.

It’s an audit, reporting, and security Chrome Extension for your Google Workspace environment.

GAT Shield helps Google Workspace admins protect their users by monitoring all activity and providing real-time DLP on ALL sites.

As a web-filtering solution, GAT Shield also allows the Admins to apply policies and block multiple webpages for end-users.

Block visiting sites via Google Translate #

Admins can block the visiting of websites via Google Translate.

Navigate to Shield > Configuration > Site Access Control > Config 

In the Config section select Additional Blocking

  • Block websites accessed via Google Translate – enable the block of Sites Accessed via Google Translate
  • Scope type – select the scope of Users, Groups, or Org. Unit of users
  • Save – click to save the rule

Note: The domain must have at least one Site Access Control rule enabled

Use Case #

The users can navigate to and search for a particular website.

For example.

  • (1) – and visit the site itself (2)

The users can browse the site via Google Translate as below

Google Translate is still usable #

When the feature is enabled users can still use Google Translate via 

Directly in the browser – translate “dog”

Sites accessed via Google Translate blocked #

But when the WebPage is open by clicking the link (above) -the Site Accessed via Google Translate will be blocked.

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