CRX Last sync

GAT Shield extension requires that a user be signed into their Chrome browser and sync is ‘on’ for the account.

We have developed an easy way for Admins to figure out which users are not rightfully connected to the extension and therefore not displaying audit data.

This can be viewed in the Shield console User/Device Geo reporting section under the column Shield CRX last sync.

This column represents the time and date when a user has last synchronized with the Shield console.


Schedule a report for users who are not in Sync #

Admins/Auditors can schedule a report from the same section by launching a filter and setting it to schedule. This report will contain all the users whose last sync date is more than x amount of days ago.

Make sure to add the qualified recipients to the report and select Apply & Schedule.

Result #

The report will be sent to the email of the recipients where they can access the output configured by clicking on the report.

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