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GAT+ provides a simple interface to view and audit the mobile devices which are synced with your G Suite domain.

You can easily find a device by using the custom filter options and you can take actions if a device is missing or lost.

Admins can take the following actions if Mobile Management features are enabled in the G Suite admin console.
In Google admin console – select Devices click on Setup then select Mobile management and set up as Enabled

Once this functionality is enabled users who wish to sign in to their G Suite accounts have to install and sign in to the Device Policy app.

Blocking device – To stop a device from synchronizing G Suite data with a user account, you can block it. G Suite data that was already synced to the device is still available on it.

Steps to Block a device:

End-User Behaviour:

The user’s device will receive the following message on their Device Policy app.

They will no longer be able to sync with G Suite apps such as Gmail, Drive etc. If they attempt to use these services they will be redirected to the above message informing them their device has been blocked.

Wipe Account – To remove all G Suite data from a device, you wipe the account from the device.

The user will no longer be able to view data relating to your G Suite services on their device.

Deletes all of your organization’s data from the device upon the next sync and changes the device’s status to Account Wiped.

Remote Wipe Device – Removes all data from the device and changes the device’s status to Device Wiped.

Note: Recommended for company-owned devices only.

Personal Android device without a work profile – All corporate and personal apps and data are removed. The device is reset to its factory settings.

If the device has an SD card*, data is removed from that, too.

If the device has a work profile that is provided by a G Suite EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management) supplier/partner then the device will not reset to its factory settings when the device is wiped.

Delete Device – Removes the device from the list

It doesn’t remove your organization’s data from the device. To remove this data, wipe the account or device instead.

You can also take a bulk action to many devices at once.

Find the devices you want to delete/wipe. We suggest using a filter search to find the mobile devices, for example, the device which last sync two months ago, or any other filter to find the devices you need to deprovision (take action upon).

Select the devices in Bulk.

Then click on the button Perform action for many devices

Choose and select the action you want to take, and the effect on the action will be applied to all selected devices.
Note: The same bulk actions are available for ChromeOS devices too.

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