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Show event activity on Files or Folders across Google Drive

With the GAT+ tool you can analyze what events occurred in a particular folder or MyDrive of a user. Below you can see and follow all the instructions on how this can be achieved.

  1. Go to Drive Audit in GAT+.
  2. Apply Custom filter by selecting the funnel icon on the right-hand side
  3. Pop up window will be displayed – fill in the search parameters to find the file/folder.


    In this use-case use:
    • Type = Simple Filter
    • Owner = username
    • Flag = Root Folder
    • Click on ‘Apply’ to display the result.
    • This will give us the result of the owner and the main root folder.


  4. Select the folder/file and click on the ‘arrow’ button pointing down.
    This will ‘Show contents of this folder and its subfolders‘.

    To focus on a specific subfolder in a user’s myDrive simply do the same action again, click on the dropdown menu option next to the folder name and select the option ‘Show contents of this folder and its subfolders’.

    Once we are inside the folder/file you want to investigate.

  5. Select the ‘Events’ tab on the top
  6. To display all the events for the filter, select the ‘Apply custom filter’ then change the type to ‘Filtered Files Search‘ and click on ‘Apply
  7. To narrow it down to display the Events for the last 2 weeks, for example.
    Select date after the time frame
  8. Select ‘Apply‘ and the result will be displayed with all the ‘Events’ that happened to the folder

Admin can view events on a particular File.

  1. Find the file, click on the arrow beside the file name and click on ‘Show events’.


  2. The result will display all events that occurred on the file like, who and when the file was created, edited, downloaded, permission was changed when it was moved and all the events that have occurred on the file.