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To create action set follow the steps below

1 . Launch GAT+

2 . Under Configuration select On/Offboarding

3 . Select Action set and click on the + sign (add a new action set)

4 . Pop up window will be displayed. Fill in the Action set name and select the Type to OffBoarding then choose and select the action.

5 . When action selected, fill in the details for each action.

a . Transfer calendar events

b . Delete user from all groups

c . Wipe mobile device – remote wipe

If you need to choose more options and fill in the details.

6 . Once you choose all the fields you want to add this action set click ‘Save

7 . The action set is Saved.

8 . To use the Action set, select Create workflow, set workflow name and select workflow type to OffBoarding

9 . Under the Users pick and Add selected user or Import users

10 . Instead of adding Actions manually, you can select Action sets. 

11 . Pick up the one you just created (OffBoard sales team), then Send approval request.

12 . Pop up window will be displayed to be reviewed before the request approval is sent

13 . Once the request is approved by Security officer the users will be OffBoarded and the actions taken. The result can be seen in Workflow results