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To create action set follow the steps below

1 . Launch GAT+

2 . Under Configuration select On/Offboarding

3 . Select Action set and click on the + sign (add a new action set)

4 . Pop up window will be displayed. Fill in the Action set name and select the Type to OnBoarding then choose and select the action.

To create Action set for OffBoarding or Modify just select Type equal to OffBoarding  or Modify, then proceed as below to fill in the fields you want to add to the set and save.

5 . When action selected, fill in the details for each action.

a . Add user to groups

b . Set user signature

Send welcome email

d . Folder permission change – Add users as Editor to GAT folder

e . Copy user contacts – select the user the contacts will copied from.

If you need to choose more options and fill in the details.

6 . Once you choose all the fields you want to add click ‘Save

7 . The action set is Saved.

8 . To use the Action set, select Create workflow, set workflow name, select type, select domain and choose prefix for the email, then click on Accept

9 . Under the Users, add new user or import users.

10 . Instead of adding Actions manually, you can select Action sets.

11 . Pick up the one we just created (OnBoard users to Marketing team), then Send approval request.

12 . Pop up window will be displayed before your send the Request approval

13 . Once it is approved, the users will be created and checked in Workflow results