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1 . Launch GAT+

2 . Under Configuration select On/Offboarding

3 . In Create workflow tab on top

a . Set up a Workflow name

b . Select Workflow type to Onboarding

c . Select Domain

d . Choose the email prefix for the new users

e . Click on Accept

4 . Under Users click on Import users

5 . Pop up window will be displayed, select the spreadsheet, or Create template if there is no created

6 . A spreadsheet will be generated right away.
Data exported to your Google Drive. Click to view the spreadsheet

7 . The spreadsheet will be opened, fill in all the details for the users you want to enroll.

8 . Close the spreadsheet, and the list will be refreshed, showing the update version then select the blue checkmark

9 . A list of all the users will be displayed under Users tab.

10 . Select Actions to manually add actions to the set of new users.

11 . Select Action set to add already prepared Action set for onboarding users to security team.

12 . Select Send approval request once you added the user and the actions

13 . Pop up window will be displayed, check if all actions and users are correct and click on Request approval

14 . When approved by Security Officer, check the Workflow result to see details.

15 . In the example above 6 users were created, with actions of adding users to group, welcome email sent and user email signature setup.