📖 < 1 min read

1 . Launch GAT+

2 . Under Configuration select On/Offboarding

3 . In Create workflow tab on top

a . Set up workflow name

b . Select Workflow type to Modify

c . Under the Users tab select Users (you can also select groups)

Select the user you want to Modify then – Add selected user

d . Note: To modify multiple members of a Google group – Under Users select Groups and pick the one you would like to Modify.
e . Pop up window will be displayed with all the users from the group, you can review then Approve.

4 . Under Actions you will be prompted with many different options to modify the selected users.

5 . For example:

a . Handle admin privileges – making the user admin

b . Change ChromeOS device status – Select Deprovision and choose the Reason

c . Set up Email signatures

d . Select Folder permission change, select the folder and edit the permissions by adding the user as Editor.

6 . Once you choose the actions to be taken Send approval request at the bottom of the page.

7 . Pop up window will be displayed, review the changes and click on Request approval

8 . You can view the result in Workflow results

9 . You can click on each of the numbers in the table they will show details for what has happened for the specific action, if it was DoneFailed or Partially done.