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With GAT you can run many, many scheduled audits, some of these we have pre-tailored for you and you have nothing more to do than turn them on. In this tech tip, we are going to show you where to find 4 of them and how to turn them on if they are not already running.

1) Docs shared in or out in the last 24 hours.  

From the Home page click on ‘One Click reports’.

Then choose the ‘Docs shared in or out changed in the last 24 hours’

A new window will be loaded with all documents as a result of the report.

To schedule this report to run daily all you have to do is Apply Custom Filter

Select ‘Scheduled’ which will give you options to select the occurrence for when the report to be generated, then just select Apply & Schedule

2) Getting a daily failed or suspicious login report

Selecting One-Click Reports will lead you to this page.

Select 1 to Apply custom filter – Choose the filter you want to search for and Schedule as a report.

In this case, below we select the ‘Events’  equal ‘Suspicious’ and schedule as daily report.

Admin can select each of the ‘One-Click Reports’ options, click on ‘Scheduled’ – choose ‘Occurrence’ they want the report to be generated, then just ‘Apply & Schedule’

3) The Weekly Activity Report

This report is one you don’t have to do a thing for. We automatically enable it for all non-educational domains. It runs once a week, at weekends and gives you all the weekly report on major new activities for your domain. The recipients are all admins by default and it can be edited from Configuration – General – Reports

4) Daily ‘Sites Modified’ report

For this report, we want to receive daily notification of all the sites on our domain that changed in the last 24 hours. Again we can be very selective picking sites with certain owners or certain names, in the example above we are going for all sites.

Click on ‘Sites’, then ‘Apply custom filter’ and choose as an example below.

We can then set the report criteria to what we wish. Report for ‘Sites’ that have been updated on a daily basis. We choose ‘Updated after 22 April, GAT automatically takes care of moving the date forward by the period of the audit, the next report will be for the next day and be moved forward
Remember if we schedule for weekly reports, we should set the lookback window to be a week, when we make our selection in the Sites audit.