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Our Plans for Education


  • Billed Annually
  • Includes:
  • GAT+
  • GAT Unlock

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Our products have to be purchased and deployed domain-wide. Prices in USD for America and Canada only. Minimum charges for Education may apply, visit our Product Prices Page to know more.


Features by Plan

Lite Manage Vigilant
Domain-wide Live Drive files and emails content SearchStandout
Domain-wide Live Drive and Email auditsStandout
Alerts for email settings and behaviour changesStandout
Domain to Domain Sharing Graph
Drive Folder Tree Map
Third Party Application Auditing
Find Documents Inside or Outside the Domain in “One Click”
Sharing Policy creation from Search Results
Contacts Management
Device Management
Classrooms Audit
YouTube Audit
User Audit Standout
Realtime App revokes Standout
Groups Reporting and Management
Dangerous Activity Alerts (inc. regex. on files shared out, with revoke) Standout
Email Delegation
Silent Access to Drive Files and Emails
Bulk File Ownership Change and Email Removal
Secure Access Workflow (Two User verification)
Take Blanket Action on Files From One or Many Folders
Take Blanket Action on Files From One or Many Owners
Click to View and Download Files and Emails
GAT Flow (Onboarding and Offboarding)Standout
Domain wide signature management (single or in Bulk)
Password Management (single or in Bulk)
Domain-wide Chrome Activity Dashboard
Analyze Users’ Browsing Activity
Geo Location of Chrome Users and Users’ Reports
Downloads Track/Block, Search Tracking and URL Filtering/Block
Real-Time Alerts and Automatic Responses
Track and Audit by User or Chromebook Serial Number
Time, Network and Location Access Control Standout
ActiveID (enables Zero Trust) Standout
Real time monitoring of studentsStandout
Real-Time Students Screen Management (Open, Close, Push screens)
Review Browsing History
Centralized Tab Inspection and Blocking
Automatically allocates Teachers and Students to their Google Classroom
Admins can build ad-hoc groups for teachers or principles to monitor
Teachers can monitor students Drive
Admins can measure Google Classroom usage

Couldn’t find the feature you want? We probably have it or we might be able to build it!
Contact us at support@gatlabs.com or click here.

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Common questions about pricing.

Do I need to pay extra for training?2019-09-12T13:22:01+01:00

Our prices include training. Contact support@generalaudittool.com for more information about our training programs for customers.

We have multiple domains, but they are all virtual domains on top of a single set of accounts, do we have to buy GAT for each domain?2019-09-12T12:58:57+01:00

No, you should only have to buy it once, but we automatically charge by domain name so contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to explain your circumstances and we will take care of it at the back-end.

Do you offer a volume discount?2019-09-12T13:04:53+01:00

Yes, if your domain surpasses 5,000 active users, your domain can apply for a volume discount. Contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to discuss your needs.

Do you offer discounts for Government domains?2019-09-12T13:07:22+01:00

Yes, Government domains can avail to a 10% discount off list price, contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to discuss your needs.

Does my subscription auto-renew every year?2019-09-12T13:23:08+01:00

No, our Renewals Team will contact you 6 weeks prior to end of your yearly subscription so to see if you wish to renew. Contact renewals@generalaudittool.com for more information.

Do you offer discounts to Non-Profits and Charities?2019-09-12T13:08:13+01:00

Yes, Non-Profits and Charities can avail to a 50% discount off list price, contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com to discuss your needs.

Who do you consider as an ‘Active User’?2019-11-07T12:19:25+00:00

‘Active Users’ are the individuals behind an account. You only pay for active accounts in your organisation. Contact sales@generalaudittool.com for more information.

Can I buy through a local reseller?2019-09-12T13:24:57+01:00

Yes, we have resellers all around the world. Contact us at sales@generalaudittool.com for further information.

Can we buy GAT for admins only?2019-09-12T14:09:41+01:00

No, GAT has to be installed and deployed for all the users of the organisation, this is not only for billing purposes but also technical purposes. To do a proper audit of all aspects of the G Suite environment, we must audit every user to see how they interact with one another. This is necessary for proper email auditing, proper collaboration measurement and depending on the version of G Suite that you have, it is necessary for proper Drive audits, in particular where visitor events are recorded. Email us at sales@generalaudittool.com for more information

What payment options are available?2019-09-12T13:24:25+01:00

Most of our customers can pay via credit card, wire transfer or cheque please contact sales@generalaudittol.com for more information about billing.

Can I pay with any credit card (Visa, Master Card, Amex)?2019-09-12T14:05:59+01:00

Yes, you can purchase our products via a secure link. Please contact sales@generalaudittool.com for more information.

Can I buy your plans in a monthly basis?2019-09-12T14:07:07+01:00

No, our subscription model is on a yearly basis only. Contact sales@generalaudittool.com for more information.

How do I pay?2019-09-12T12:38:44+01:00

Payment is by done credit card through the tool, through our partners or by wire transfer. For wire transfer, we will give you our payment details on receipt of the PO. Orders based on company P.O.s have a 30 day credit. POs via email are acceptable. For those domains that require supplier approval, we ask you to start that process now. For those domains that wish to purchase through their G Suite Reseller, we welcome that path and we ask you to contact both ourselves and the reseller. Resellers will first have to be approved by GAT Labs.

Do I need to pay extra for On-boarding?2019-09-12T13:20:44+01:00

Our prices include the on-boarding feature. Contact support@generalaudittool.com for more information about our training programs for customers.

We are a small operation. We started to use the Google Standard edition before Google had any restrictions on size. We have 200 or more accounts but only 15 users, how much will you charge us?2020-01-23T16:21:17+00:00

We just charge you for your active users, unless the total calculated price amounts to less than US$350 for Education and/or US$500 for Enterprises Non-Profit and Government, in which case we round up to US$350 for Education domains and/or US$500 for Enterprises Non-Profit and Government for our Essential, Admin and Secure plans. We round up toUS$500 for Education domains and/or US$750 for Enterprises Non-Profit and Government for our Management plans. Contact sales@generalaudittool.com for more information about minimum charges.

What Our Customers Say

Pricing for Education 9
GAT+ is an incredible resource and toolbox which allows Admins broad oversight over their domain. The filtering tools are comprehensive but easy to understand. Support is wonderful as well. They will work with you as much as needed to ensure you’re getting the results you want from their tools. Love it!
Eric Siedlecki, Dutch Bros
Pricing for Education 10
GAT+ is a very powerful tool for the majority of tasks that an IT would need to do in bulk within a G Suite domain. Relatively easy to use and a nice developing interface.
Gordon May, Tearfund
Pricing for Education 11
GAT+ is a super powerful tool and has been a huge life-saver! The support is truly exceptional – Ferdows really went above and beyond. We’re really excited to see what else this tool can offer in regards to the implementation of security policies and audits. We will definitely be renewing our subscription without hesitation!
Luke Scott, ZPG Plc
Pricing for Education 12
Invaluable tool that provides greater insight into your GSuite environment compared to the built-in reporting. The UI is streamlined and the exporting functionality is a great feature. Support team is very knowledgeable and accommodating to our scheduling needs.
Richard Moreno, Jersystem
Pricing for Education 13
It is well worth the cost. The support has been fantastic and definitely makes GAT stand out.
John Van Voorhis, The Bishop John T. Walker School for Boys

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