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How to Force Sign Out Users in Google Workspace

GAT Flow allows Admins to force sign out their users with automated workflows.
Force sign out, allows managing account access when users leave an organization, if a device is lost or misplaced, or if a user forgot to sign out of a shared device.

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2202, 2021

GAT+: A Brief Overview

February 22nd, 2021|Admin log, Alarms, Applications, Calendars, Classroom, Contacts, Delegated auditor, DLP Reporting, Drive, Email, Email delegation, File management, GAT Unlock, GAT+, Groups, Login control, Meet, Mobile Devices, On/Offborading, One Click Reports, Roles & Privileges, Scheduled report, Security officer, User audit, User logins|

  GAT+ is a powerful audit and security tool for your Google Workspace domain. This post will take you through

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