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With just a few clicks G Suite super admins can remove access rights to any document or folder owned by their domain users at any time, even without Security Officer approval (GAT Unlock functionality). In the Drive result table just click on the drop-down menu option next to a user’s email address or the actual permission for example “everyone” or “everyone with link”. You will be prompted with several options.

When you click on the drop-down menu for “everyone” or “everyone with link” permission you will have 3 options, you can remove the permission just for the doc or folder you selected or you can remove that permission for all files within the applied filter search where ever that permission appears for editors or readers.

The same 3 options are available when the drop-down menu is pressed for an external or internal email address. You will be prompted with options to remove the user’s access rights.

When you click on a local domain user’s email address drop-down menu. You will see additional options, for example, you can quickly navigate to their owned docs, files they have access to (Files in user_x@mycorp.com) and actions they’ve taken on files (Events for user_x@mycorp.com)

Note: For internal public files shared to your entire domain you may see the following permission: “mycorp.com (with link)”. The same actions can be taken to remove this permission.

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