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Best Practice Tip: Before you remove permissions for ‘Docs shared out with link’ it is best practice to automatically inform your users of those shares, allow your own users to take the initiative to clean up the share.  If the shares have not been removed in the allocated time period, as a super admin you can remove those permissions from Drive Audit.

To notify your users to clean up their own shares, click on “File Operation”, then select “Remove permissions”.

When the menu appears, select the option “Report only” which will only generate a report for the Super Admin, but will not carry out the action below. If Report only is not enabled the action will be carried out.

Your users will receive an email which outlines the documents they have shared out with a link so they can click on them and remediate the sharing rights.

Now that your users have been notified, you can return to these documents in the future and manually remove the “Public with link” (everyone with a link) access rights. To do this first select Public with a link from the exposure summary table.

Once you have selected this category, a custom filter will be automatically applied.

Click on “Apply custom filter” to verify.

Now you will probably realize that in the Drive result table you can see files Shared Out and files Shared In which fall into the Public with Link category.

You only have administrative control over docs owned by users on your own domain, so let’s expand this custom filter to ignore the files shared in from external users.

Click on “+ Add rule” and select the rule “Sharing Flags” contains “Shared out”. Then click on the button “Apply”.

Now in the Drive result table, you will only see files owned by your local users and shared out with a link.

Best Practice Tip 2: Before removing some or all of these permissions. We would recommend you export the data as is to a Google Spreadsheet for record-keeping purposes.

You can click on the drop-down menu option next to the “everyone (with a link)” permission and remove it, for just one single doc or all of the documents within the selected filter you have applied.