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In this document we will explain how to Save reports in a custom folder path.

This Use Case can be useful for Admins who are required to generate some reports for the management, where the report has to be located in a Specific location chosen and accessible by the Management. 

If the ‘Custom path and filename’ ends with ‘ / ‘ at the end of the path, this becomes the location of the report. If the ‘Custom path and filename’  ends without ‘ / ‘ at the end of the path, the last word becomes the name of the Report and it is located in the Folders before the last ‘/ ‘ forward slash button. 

dir/dir2/filename and filename is overwritten,

dir/dir2/dir3/ and filename will be default in those directories.

In the example below we want to create a custom path of the report to specific location chosen by the recipient or the manager who requires the report. 

The Report name will be: ‘Emails received in the last day’ and the location of this report will be ‘Financial report’ in MyDrive of the recipient. The custom path and filename is: ‘Financial report/’ with the ‘/’ at the end.

When we do not include ‘/’ at the end, the report will be created in the default location for all GAT+ reports.

If the ‘Custom path and filename is ‘Financial reportwithout ‘/’, the report will be located here by default, the final “Folder” where the file is located is “Financial report

An Admin can place the report in different locations. The Report can be generated and located in Financial report/Sensitive data/  this will be the location of the Report, and the File name will be chosen as the name of the report.

If you want to change the File name of the report, under ‘Custom path and filename’.
You can choose this example, Financial report/Sensitive data/Report

This can be found in MyDrive of the recipient, with the changed name.