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Searching for Every Email in Users Gmail Account

Email Content Search is a live search for your entire domain.

This allows G Suite Super admins to search for any piece of text in any email in any mailbox across the domain.

As long as the email is not permanently removed from the bin folder, Email content search can find it.

Note: this process may take a long time if you are searching through many accounts at the same time.

Start Live Search

To start a live search to find emails from one user’s account, select the following operators:

from: OR to: or “some sentence” etc.

In this example we use:
from:david@generalaudittool.com “private and confidential” newer_than:30d is:read.

You should narrow down the search as much as possible to speed up the search.

Any string in quotes ” “ is used to search both the subject and the body of the email.

newer_than:‘ is counted in (d)ays. ‘is:‘ can be read or unread or both states if omitted.


GAT+ | Searching for Every Email in Users Gmail Account 1

I also covered the root Org Unit which is / and I made sure to cover sub-Org Units. This search will only be limited to the members of / and its sub-Org Units.

I can also make sure to ignore Google Meet/Hangouts chat records by using -is:chat.

The (-) symbol excludes chat messages.

After Search Results Appear 

When the search results appear you can request access to view, delete, or download the emails.

Select the emails and use the Unlock feature to request access via Security officer approval.

GAT+ | Searching for Every Email in Users Gmail Account 2

Additional Information

Additional information can be found here

There are many things you can do from this point forward.

  • Send a request to your Security Officer to have permission to view/download and delete these emails
  • You can export the metadata to a Google Spreadsheet or CSV
Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!