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GAT+ offers super admins the ability to create custom tags for emails or files which can later be used by other super admins or delegated auditors. Your team can use these tags to quickly search for what matters most and recover the audit detail on those files and emails when you need it. You may then develop procedures to handle files or emails which have been tagged with a certain description.

How to Create Custom Tags

1 Using your G Suite super admin account launch GAT+.

2 Scroll down to Configuration and Select General.                                     

3 In the Settings tab, begin by creating custom tags. Tags you create can create will appear in Drive audit and Email audit.

4 Make sure to click Save when you enter your new search tags.

Apply/Removing Tags from Files or Emails

When the appropriate tags have been created, they will be accessible to other super admins or delegated auditors within Email audit or Drive audit.

Adding Tags within Email audit

1 Use the Apply Custom filters button to search for emails.

2 Once the email results are displayed in the table. Use the checkbox next to email subject to select them.

3 After selecting emails you wish to tag, click on the Email operations drop-down menu and select Add/remove custom tags.

4 Select Add and choose your custom tag and then Confirm.

Removing Tags within Email audit

1 Click on the Apply Custom filters button.

2 In the search Definition area select the search operator Tags (custom) and choose the tag you wish to view.

3 Once the emails with the tags you select appear in the table. You can begin to review them or remove the tags if they’re no longer necessary.  

4 To remove tags from the emails, click the checkbox next to the subject of the email.

5 When you are done choosing the emails, click on the Emails Operations button and select Add/remove custom tags.

6 Select remove and choose the tag you wish to remove from the emails. Click on Confirm to complete this process.

How to search using Tags

You can easily search for emails or files that already have tags applied to them by using the Apply custom filters button.

And using the search operator Tags (Custom), you will see a selection of tags your super admin has created.