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Introduction to Teacher Assist

With Teacher Assist teachers are given the ability to monitor and control students while class is in session. With this tool, teachers can ensure that students stay on track and follow along with the subject being taught. Having the ability to track student engagement in real-time is a big asset for teachers, G Suite super admins, and Principals. 


Functionality that teachers have: 

  • Monitor the current screen of all students in their classrooms.
  • View all of the tabs on students‚Äô Chrome Browser.¬†
  • Close browser tabs that are irrelevant for students.
  • View the browser history during the active session.¬†
  • Distribute a website to automatically open and display on some or all students‚Äô screens.¬†
  • To block a website from being used while class is in session.¬†¬†


Super Admins, principals, or teachers can create a group of students whose behavior is alarming. The group can be monitored and controlled with the same abilities above.

Who can access the Teacher Assist tool?

By default, all G Suite Super Admins have access to the tool. Teachers who own or have created a Google Classroom are allowed into the tool.

If you want to give a non-super admin or a normal user who is not teacher access into Teacher Assist, you will need to create a custom group (not the same as a Google Group).


Steps to allow users into Teacher Assist

  1. Navigate to Groups.                                                                                                                      Teacher Assist User Manual 1
  2. Click on the + button on the top right to create a new group.                                                                   Teacher Assist User Manual 2
  3. Enter Group name, add Teachers and Students.
  4. Click Apply.



How can a teacher start a session?


1 . Launch Teacher Assist from this URL: https://teachers.generalaudittool.com/login

2 . You will see your classrooms listed.

Teacher Assist User Manual 3

3 . Click the start session play button. 

4 . You will then see all of your students’ current page appear automatically.

Teacher Assist User Manual 4

Note: Make sure that students are signed in to their school Google account on ChromeOS devices and if they’re using Windows or Apple devices that they sign in and sync with their Google Chrome browser.

Viewing a student’s open Chrome tabs

1 . Double click on a student’s screen, to view things in greater depth. Or alternatively, click on the action drop-down where you’ll see the option VIEW.

Teacher Assist User Manual 5

2 . Once you have clicked VIEW or double-clicked on the screen, you will see the current screen the student is on. On the right-hand side, you will see the other tabs opened but that are inactive. 

Teacher Assist User Manual 6

3 . Clicking on the other tabs within the Tab List will force the student’s screen to change to the tab you clicked on.



Taking action on a single student 

1 . Hover over the action button to see all of the individual actions you can take.

Teacher Assist User Manual 7

2 . You will be presented with the following options: 

    1. Open Tab ‚Äď will open a new tab on the student‚Äôs device.¬†
    2. Distribute Current Page ‚Äď will distribute the current tab to all other students.¬†
    3. Block Current Page ‚Äď will prevent all students from accessing the webpage.¬†
    4. Browsing History ‚Äď will show all of the webpage accessed by the student from the point of the session starting.


Taking action on all students 

1 . When hovering over the classroom action bar, you will be presented with the following options:

Teacher Assist User Manual 8

How to view classroom details

  • To edit a Google classroom within Teacher Assist, click on the edit pen icon.

Teacher Assist User Manual 9

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