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Using GAT Shield you can track your user’s browser activity throughout the day.

Below is a short tutorial explaining the feature. You can watch it instead of reading this post.

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You can view what sites they spend most of their time on as well as their active time spent there.

 To start off we’re going to go to the User Activity section of GAT Shield.

Here we can see the timeline of any user.

Sites are ordered by the total duration of time spent, this will help you to quickly spot where the bulk of the time is spent by a user.

At the top left of this section, you can select the User you wish to view.

To the right, you can select the date you wish to investigate.

And in the top right you can choose to either view the data by Active time spent or view their activity in a 24-hour window.

The total chrome browser activity shows you a summary of the users total active time spent using their browser. Each color represents a website, hovering over color will reveal it’s URL

Under this window, you can search for any specific website to see if your user is spending any of their time on that site. For example, you can see if your users are spending too much time on youtube.com

To the right, you can select the number of displayed sites.

Below you can view your users’ activity for every site they have visited. You can also see what percentage of the user’s day is spent on that site.