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GAT+ now has an option to view the Events based on changes for the User Accounts Audit activity events

In GAT+ navigate to Users audit.

Click on Event tab on the top right

GAT+ | User Account Audit Activity Events 1

In here an admin can view the events types associated with the accounts such as:

  • 2-step verification changed
  • Password changed
  • Recovery info changed
  • Advanced protection enrollment changed

The event names associated with the accounts.

GAT+ | User Account Audit Activity Events 2

  • 2-step verification disable
  • 2-step verification enroll
  • Account password change
  • Account recovery email change
  • Account recovery phone change
  • Account recovery secret question/answer change
  • Advanced protection enroll
  • Advanced protection unenroll

If there is an event change happens onto user account it will be reported in Users – Events

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