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We are going to use a powerful search feature in the GAT+ Drive audit where GAT+ can identify the contents of documents.
This feature is called the ‘File content search’. It allows admins/delegated auditor to use words or sentences to search through all of the files across your domain and it will return documents which contain them.

Select Drive audit then click on “File Content Search” the second tab on the top left.

Enter the word or sentence to return files that contain them. In the example below, we search for file that contains the sentence “Test for auto share removal”.
You can select the User/Group or the Org. Unit depending on the accounts you want to search through. In this case, we search through all users by selecting / and including all the sub-OUs. Then simply select “Search files”.

It might take some time for the search to complete depending on the search performed and the number of files you have in your domain.

Once the results are displayed you can select the files you interested in and want to view.
Remember that these files contain the sentence “Test for auto share removal”.

Select the ‘File operation’ button then click on the ‘Access permissions granted’.

A pop-up window will appear where you can send the request to your ‘Security officer’. You can choose the access time period, you can also leave a message to the Security officer stating the reason you would like to investigate those files.

Once the request is sent, the ‘Security officer’ will receive an email where they click and approve.

The Security Officer can click on the link in the email and will be taken to the approval area(Grant) in GAT+. 

When the Security Officer grants access an email will be sent to the requesting Administrator/delegated auditor informing them of the approval.

When the Admin select ‘Access permissions granted’ they can view all the current requests and how long they have until they expire.

In this example we select the newest request we submitted by clicking on checkmark in ‘Apply grant’.
When it is selected the result will be loaded onto the screen where you can see the option to view or download the files.

The steps above can be done using Access permissions granted feature in GAT+