Manage your Google Domain with the all in one Top-Ranked Investigation Tool for Google Workspace

Take full control of your domain data. With GAT Labs you can audit, manage, automate and secure your Google environment in real-time.

Not suitable for non-google domains or accounts.

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GAT Suite helps admins easily investigate, audit and protect
Google Workspace.

Greater Domain's Data Visibility

View your domain’s data easily and audit their use, sharing collaboration and access permissions. Monitor and protect your data domain data, in one place with the most comprehensive investigation tool for Google Workspace in the market today.

“The GAT Labs products offer fast, easy searches of Workspace data and offer clean graphical illustrations for rich reporting, particularly for less technical people.”

Don Boehm

Charts and data that shows Google workspace admins access and sharing of files
admin in action monitoring user activity using magnifying lens signifying the Google workspace investigation tool

User Activity Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor your users’ activity in all sites at all times. From chats, downloads, extensions installed, to words typed and sites accessed, GAT Labs covers everything! Detect suspicious logins and unusual behaviour to prevent potential security breaches and data theft.

“Perfect product for what we need. Auto notifications and the ability to monitor student behaviours online are top features. Customer Support’s response is top-notch.”

Tom, IT Manager

Data Governance and Compliance

Our Google Investigation Tool provides you with the ability to show that your staff and customer data is not carelessly exposed via file sharing or email attachments. With the GAT Suite you can ensure your domain is compliant with data protection and privacy regulations.

“It is comprehensive, it fulfils our needs in auditing, monitoring etc. We were in search of competitors to compare, but we didn’t find any competitors initially.”

Abdulaziz, CEO

Green check on files and folders that meets compliance standards that can be determined with the GAT Labs investigation tool
security lock signifying the Google workspace investigation tool by GAT Labs capability to protect the domain and users

Google Workspace Security and Automation

Strengthen your security incident management with GAT Labs. Set up scheduled reports to detect data security breaches to prevent data loss and privacy breaches. Streamline your Google Workspace operations with automated workflows based on time or events.

“If you are in Education, this will save so much time and resolve so many headaches! From provisioning to deprovisioning, to keeping an eye on what your students are downloading to their Google Drive to grabbing that email that your principal needs! I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of how useful this tool is!”

Christine Shock

Track and Improve User Productivity

Secure your browser, enhance data protection & get detailed reporting on browser usage Configure real-time alerting of all users, in all sites at all times. Create your own rules,  whitelist or blacklist sites for any given user, OU or group. Keep track of sites visited, downloads, chats, keyword searches and much more. Track progress and resources being used on your projects.

“The absolute essential must-have Swiss Army multi-tool for the GSuite EDU Admin! Can’t say enough about the tools, support, and available training! Thanks so much for a great product!”

Ron Jansonius

A user working on clock signifying that Google admins can help user's improve their performance with the help of investigation tool

Secure, Protect and Analyse Your Google Workspace Environment Today

How much does GAT Suite cost?
We have 3 different pricing plans for Enterprise and Education, click the previous links to know more.
Can I try GAT Suite before purchasing?

Yes, we offer a 15-day free trial for all domains, our main product GAT+ needs to be installed from the Google Market Place from a Google Admin account, fill the form to start installation.

Do I need to be an IT developer to use GAT Suite?

You don’t need to be a developer to use the GAT Suite. While it is a the most comprehensive tool for Google Workspace it is also very easy to use. It can not only be used by Google Admins but also with our Delegated Auditor functionality you can delegate access to non-google admins. 

Where do GAT tools store their user data?

We have 3 instances, one in the US, one in the UK and another one in Europe.