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How GAT+ keeps you GDPR Compliant

At GAT Labs, we prioritise making Google Workspace safer for everyone. Ensuring the security of your staff and customer data is a fundamental tenet of GDPR compliance. Avoid careless exposure via file sharing or email attachments by employing regular and scheduled testing of all content and shares. With GAT+ leading the way, achieve comprehensive GDPR compliance seamlessly.

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How GAT Stands Out from Competitors in GDPR Compliance

While the Google Workspace marketplace is teeming with tools that claim GDPR compliance, GAT differentiates itself with its unique features, many of which are conspicuously absent in our competitors:

Proper workflows to guarantee only approved access to sensitive content.

Comprehensive coverage of all Chrome browser-based activities.

Detailed reporting on file losses via email attachments.

Expertly designed to complement Google Workspace DLP.

How GAT ensures it is GDPR compliant:

At GAT Labs, we work hard to make Google Workspace safer for everyone. Keeping your staff and customer data secure is essential for GDPR compliance.

Prevent unintended sharing through files or email attachments by regularly checking all content and shares.

With GAT+ as your main tool, you can easily achieve complete GDPR compliance.

GAT’s priority is transparency. We only collect and store user metadata, encompassing:

  • – Username
  • – Company email address
  • – Access times
  • – Email communication details
  • – Google + postings within the domain
  • – Owned files, calendars, appointments
  • – Other non-specific usage data, such as email group memberships, OUs, and more.

At GAT Labs, we place boundaries. We strictly refrain from:

  • – Collecting any file or email content.
  • – Transferring content to our servers for scrutiny.

While other tools resort to content transfer for inspection, GAT+ employs a smarter strategy, allowing content search without server transfers. Moreover, GAT Shield’s real-time design seeks sensitive content and reports on it without compromising data integrity by ensuring it never passes through our servers.

GAT+ ensures that utmost data protection measures are enforced.

Additionally, from time to time admins or security staff need to inspect online content which may belong to other staff members or customers.

This must be carried out in a structured and approved workflow, which GAT provides.

GAT Unlock is the ONLY solution in the Google Workspace Marketplace that offers  such a structured workflow.

This ensures that access to all content is approved by properly appointed Security Officers within the company.

Data leakage can occur not only via email and document sharing, but also via the browser (using cut and paste into any other web page the user is logged into on their browser).

Detecting this dynamic flow of sensitive information is critical to ensuring proper compliance with GDPR.


GAT Shield is designed to look in real time for sensitive content.

It can also search and report on content without that content ever having to pass through our servers.

Our sophisticated design ensures none or minimal customer content having to pass through our architecture.

All idle databases are also automatically deleted 30 days after last use. There’s also no metadata harvesting for future use.


Does the GDPR require processing of personal data in the EU?

No. As the 95/46/EC Directive on Data Protection, the GDPR sets forth certain conditions for the transfer of personal data outside of the EU. Such conditions can be met via mechanisms such as model contract clauses. 

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