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Google Workspace to Office 365 Migration with GAT

Before starting your school's migration to Office 365, have you explored these questions? 👉

Does the Google Workspace Admin Console provide reporting features that help with our migration to Office 365?

No. The reporting features in the Google Workspace Admin Console fall short of providing any valuable information that help with the migration process. 

To efficiently complete the migration process you need top level view of your data and comprehensive insight into each user’s Google Drive data.

How do I move files from Google Drive to OneDrive for all users while preserving their sharing permissions (i.e. who has access to them)?

GAT+ is the only auditing tool available for Google Workspace that gathers such important information for all your Google Workspace users. Particularly, what files and folders each user owns and how they’re shared. 

You can then use this information to re-establish these sharing permissions during the migration process. 

Otherwise, files or folders that were once shared with many users will no longer be shared to those users when you move to OneDrive or SharePoint!

Do I need any online tools to efficiently complete this migration process?

Yes. You need tools like GAT+ to generate the important reports needed to know what to move, and Mover.io to transfer files from Google Drive to OneDrive.

Everything you need, in ONE place.

  • View and analyze the total number of files and folders of each Google Workspace user.
  • Create reports for myDrives and Shared Drives’ files across your school.
  • View how each file and folder is shared, and who it’s been shared with.
  • View and analyze folder trees and structures.
  • Export metadata to a Google Spreadsheet or CSV file.

How to set up auditing delegation:

  • Choose your auditors (a single user, a group of users or an entire Org. Unit of users).
  • Give them audit scope over other users (maybe to one user or multiple users via Google group or Org.
  • Select the auditing time window. Unit).

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